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THE ART OF THE BRICK – An exhibition in London

February 2, 2015

In December 2014 we’ve been to a astonishing exhibition in London – THE ART OF THE BRICK by Nathan Sawaya. This exhibition is brilliant, breath-taking, simply fun and inspiring too. There are around 100 art sculptures created from more than a million LEGO® bricks. You can get more information about this exhibition and the artist on his website


magnificent sculptures at Hamleys – London UK

October 23, 2012

We’ve just been at Hamleys in London (Great Britain) and have seen some magnificent sculptures: the Queen and other Royals along with Guardsmen and Sherlock Holmes.


Giant Christmas tree – St. Pancras London

December 25, 2011

We’ve been to London recently and couldn’t get past the Christmas tree in St. Pancras London. It’s gigantic. A 12.2m-high Christmas tree made entirely of LEGO® bricks. It took two months to build it and it is made from 600.000 bricks. More than 1,000 LEGO® baubles have been used to decorate the 172 branches. It’s great work and oc course we had to see it.


A new maxifig in town

July 3, 2011

A while ago I decided to purchase one of the building instructions by Tagl for the mechanized MaxiFig which is based on the LEGO® set 3723. I choosed to build a train employee.
minifig train employee

It was a bit difficult to get the red hat and the signalling disc right, but I’m satisfied with the result at the moment. The figur is about 50cm in height and consists of nearly 2800 lego pieces.

MaxifFig train employee

MaxiFig train employee


A little Tux with a red santa hat

December 1, 2010

I’ve made one of the little tux penguins as to be seen here on Tobias Reichlings website. I’ve bought his instruction and now I’m proud to have one more penguin in the house. It was fun building it although I thought I have enough bricks for it and had to realise that I have to improvise a bit.