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THE ART OF THE BRICK – An exhibition in London

February 2, 2015

In December 2014 we’ve been to a astonishing exhibition in London – THE ART OF THE BRICK by Nathan Sawaya. This exhibition is brilliant, breath-taking, simply fun and inspiring too. There are around 100 art sculptures created from more than a million LEGO® bricks. You can get more information about this exhibition and the artist on his website


A journey trough time

January 14, 2013

There is a lovely possibility to travel through time at the Helms Museum in Hamburg. Last weekend we’ve visited the LEGO timetravel exhibition at the Archeological Museum of Hamburg and travelled through the stone age, old Egypt, Greece and Rome, saw vikings and scenery from the middle age and the Inca, the Wild West and the present Hamburg and a lot more…


A Jubilee pageant

May 31, 2012

Brickthorpe is celebrating! A Jubilee pageant takes place in High Street.


Muji Christmas – Playing with LEGO® bricks and Paper

December 26, 2011

Recently I found a muji store (description on wikipedia)and discovered this sort of Lego set. A Christmas decoration set with paper and LEGO® bricks. There were also a set called “mobility” and a basic set but since it is christmas, we bought the christmas muji LEGO® set.

This Set contains LEGO® bricks and Paper. A leaflet featuring example productions is included. Enjoy cutting Paper and using the LEGO® brick hole puncher. The puncher is sold separately, so that you only have to buy it once. The christmas set contains 120bricks and twelve Papers.


Giant Christmas tree – St. Pancras London

December 25, 2011

We’ve been to London recently and couldn’t get past the Christmas tree in St. Pancras London. It’s gigantic. A 12.2m-high Christmas tree made entirely of LEGO® bricks. It took two months to build it and it is made from 600.000 bricks. More than 1,000 LEGO® baubles have been used to decorate the 172 branches. It’s great work and oc course we had to see it.