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221B Baker Street, London

March 5, 2015

221B Baker Street is home to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, created by Sir  Arthur Conan Doyle. It took me a while to complete the building and the interior. The house has been built on a 16×32 stud plate and fit into the so-called “Cafe Corner Standard”.


Winter in Brickthorpe – again

January 29, 2015

There is another winter in Brickthorpe. This time with a new gingerbread house, some arctic research facilities and even some space for Mr. and Mrs. Santa.


Gingerbread House

January 29, 2015

This is our version of a gingerbread house. We were inspired by this one, which is a project on LEGO®  ideas by Swan Dutchman. It fitted perfectly into the landscape we’ve built this winter / holiday season.




Arc de Triomphe – Paris (France)

June 9, 2014

In “Brick City – LEGO® for grown ups” by Warren Elsmore we’ve discovered a brilliant building instruction for the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and we simply couldn’t resist. We’ve added the eternal flame on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  On more information about the Arc de Triomphe please look at wikipedia.


arc-de-triomphe.1 arc-de-triomphe.2 arc-de-triomphe-3




June 9, 2014

Rundetårn (Round Tower)  is located in central Copenhagen, Denmark and was built by the danish king Christian IV as an astronomical observatory.  It is most noted for its helical corridor leading to the top. We’ve been there a couple of years ago and the view was fantastic. You could see a photo of the Round Tower here on wikipedia.

Recently we’ve discovered the book “Brick City – LEGO® for grown ups” by Warren Elsmore and he used the LEGO® tooth piece to represent the windows of this tower. We thought it a wonderful idea and we’ve constructed the Round tower as Warren Elsmore has shown in his book.



Winter in Brickthorpe

December 31, 2013

A winter scenery in Bricktorpe, this year with a snowboard event and some ice sculptures and lot of other winter activities.

2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0001 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0007 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0008-SNOW 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0019 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0028-TWINKLE 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0029 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0034 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0040 (1) 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0040 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0041 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0042 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0043 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0045 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0047 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0051 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0052 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0055 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0058 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0061 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0062 2013_1229weihnachtslandschaft0064


Tower Bridge completed

February 5, 2013

At last we’ve managed to complete the Tower Bridge set (Set number 10214) with the missing two smaller towers at each side of the river Thames.